AIR Package Repository policy


This site facilitates the sharing via publication of air packages via apm. It is central to this service that consumers of packages can trust that their dependencies do not suddenly disappear. Thus, once a package has been published it cannot be unpublished or deleted. This applies to all versions of a published package. If something has been published that is no longer relevant or maintained, as a publisher, you can mark the package as discontinued, which will make the package disappear from searches (but keep it available to those that already depend on it).

We do grant exceptions to this policy at the discretion of the repository moderators. To get an exception you must email outlining your issue and why the package should be removed. For example,

  • if you publish a package by mistake and contact the moderators quickly, the moderators will check that no widespread usage of the package has begun and may remove the package;
  • if a package violates the Naming, Content, or Copyright policies below, and a user files a moderation request;

Identifier naming policy

The package identifier forms an important role in the system and must be unique. When a developer installs your package they will use the unique identifier as a reference to your package.

Because they have such an important role the following policies affect the usage of identifiers:


Packages may not be published solely to reserve an identifier for future use. A package is considered to be name squatting if the package contains no code or libraries that have a useful purpose. We do not scan for packages but rely on the community and moderators to manually identify packages deemed to be name squatting. If you believe a package is name squatting follow the steps below:

  • contact the publisher (via email) as shown on the site and copy;
  • politely ask the publisher to explain their intended purpose;
  • if the publisher does not respond forward the thread to and a moderator will review;

Trademark infringement

We respect the importance of trademarks, other proprietary rights and prohibit intellectual property infringement. Publishers are solely responsible for the packages and package names they use. We are not in a position to mediate disputes and encourage owners to resolve their disputes directly with publishers by contacting them.

Content policy

This repository is intended to enable developers to share AIR packages with other developers. Packages are expected to contain AIR libraries (ANE/SWC), actionscript source code and assets (images, audio, etc) directly related to the functionality of the package. Any other content is not allowed and may be subject to moderation at the discretion of the moderators and may result in the unpublishing of a package.

Copyright policy

We respect the rights of copyright holders, and we do not allow packages or package names that are unauthorized to use copyrighted content. If you have a complaint about a copyright infringement you can email the moderators at Make sure you include the name and role of the person initiating the compliant and details around the infringement (including description, urls, examples that demonstrate the infringement).